Why Private Jets are better than Commercial Travel

Commercial travel has evolved immensely and been part of us for many years. For many decades, commercial air travel has been the air travel of choice, as it is affordable and the fastest. Indeed, the industry has gone through great development. Today, there are millions of people on thousands of airplanes traveling around the globe in an easy and affordable way. Airports have become plentiful of people, security has increased and screening mandatory. From baggage claims to tax shouts in airports, people are making way to different places around the world either for business or for pleasure, then comes in private jets. Private jet charter is giving commercial travel a run of their own money due to their unique services. Originally an expensive undertaking, today private jet charter is becoming affordable hence competing with travel. The following are some of the common reasons why private jets are better than commercial travel.


One of the major reasons why private jet charter is better than commercial travel is simply down to convenience. Commercial travel involves a strict schedule that must be observed, whereby if you are able to arrive at the exact time of the flight, you will be left behind. But for charter flights, you are the manager of your own schedule. You can be able to book a private jet at any moment of notice. In most cases, you can book a private jet charter 24 hours earlier and they can be able to meet any of your needs. Hence, you can be able to prepare yourself and arrive at the airport at the specified time.  Commercial travel also involves long lines and security checks. When using a private charter you do not need to through security or lineup. Some of the top corporations have acquired their own jets which employees especially executives use in travel. At the same time, there are many private jet charter companies available that can be hired and provide some of the best services.

Comfort and privacy

Even with introduction of first-class and executive travel, commercial travel is still uncomfortable and congested with no leg room. Additionally, service delivery in commercial jets is slow and unsatisfactory due to the high number of people who need to be served. In private jet charter, it is all about comfort. You will be able to receive undivided attention from the attendants and even be able to communicate with the pilot or co-pilot.  It allows you have the privacy you need to conduct your business and engage with your friends or family that you came with. Ideally, you can be able to conduct businesses from the jet and even agree deals.

Baggage Space

When traveling using commercial airplanes, there is a specified amount of luggage you can carry. Sometimes you can have some presents or documents that you need to use on a business trip but unable to carry due to weight restrictions. With private jet charter, however, there is plenty of room to carry the luggage you need for your holiday and business trip.

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