Types of Private Jets

Private jets are the new sensation today. Rich people are getting themselves one as a symbol of financial power while ordinary people are admiring how majestic and convenient it would be to own one. At the same time, business executives and entrepreneurs have adopted them as their key mode of transport. There are many private jet charter companies today that offer all kinds of private jet services. The services that they offer are basically based on the needs of the customers. Hence, according to needs and changes in technology, there are different types of private jets to cater for every need. When you book a jet, it is critical that you are aware of the differences so as to make an informed decision based on the cost, size, and personal needs.  Presently, based on the type of private jet Charter Company, there are several types and brands of private jets. The following are some of the most common ones:

Small light jets

They are commonly referred to as micro jets. Micro jets are small jets that can only accommodate a single pilot and can carry a maximum of 8 people with a maximum takeoff weight of at least 10,000 lb.  Most of these micro jets don’t have a lavatory to board on. Hence, they are often used for short distances of at most 500 miles which may take 80 minutes. Despite their lack of amenities, this jet is very comfortable and offers the best option for short private jet flights local airports. The most commonly used micro jet is the Cessna mustang.

Light Jets

These private jets are a lot similar to the micro jets but are much bigger. They are designed basically to access smaller airports and are the staple of the industry. The private jets have larger cabins and can be able to carry large cargo. They are the private jet charter industry’s standard for short and comfortable jet charter flights. The Learjet 45 is one of the commonly used light jets. Hence, if you are looking for a short distance and comfortable jet service, these are the most common ones you will expect. More details here.

Mid-sized jets

They are large than light jets. They are commonly used for longer distance travel. They can be able to handle intercontinental flights and carry up to ten people. Its average cruising speed is between 510 MPH and 590 MPH. There are other super mid-sized jets that have large and wider cabins, higher speeds, and range capacity. The jets offer basic amenities like toilets and can cover long distances without refueling stops.


Jumbo jets are modern private jets associated with luxury and size. Most private jet charter companies have inducted these type of jets and they offer the most luxurious and exclusive transportation available. Luxury cruisers like Boeing are being turned into business jets that can transport up to 50 people in long distances across the world. The wealthiest people in the world posses these jets and other larger organizations. They are perfect in transporting sports teams, in corporate outings, and they even feature conferences, master staterooms, diners, and showers.

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